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Vancouver, British Columbia, November 30, 2017 - Alba Minerals Ltd. ("Alba") (TSX-V: AA; AXVEF:US; Frankfurt: A117RU) the Company is pleased to announce the commencement of an electrical geophysical survey program at its 2,421 hectares Lithium Brine Exploration Prospect Quiron II located in the Salar de Pocitos, Salta Province, Argentina. Quiron II is located at about 12km from Liberty One’s flagship asset "Pocitos West Salar" where brine sample drilling is ongoing and Li-concentration findings from depth are expected in the near term.

The company has engaged Conhidro S.R.L. - a hydrogeological consultancy company led by Dr. Garcia - to carry out the geophysical prospecting within the Property. The same consists of a Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) survey with eighteen (18) VES stations, delineating a North-South and East-West axis, and delimitating the confines of a structural high that potentially divides the basin in the northwestern part of the Pocitos Salar into two depocentres.

Dr. Garcia in Garcia et al. (2016) describes two aquifer systems (Incahuasi and Pocitos) and their respective area of intersection as relevant for the property and per extension to the hydraulic dynamic of the entire basin in terms of fresh water contribution. He further detects very low resistivity at 65-70 meters downwards in the Northeast flank of the

Pocitos Salar including the area of Quiron II, which can be attributed to sand layers saturated with brines. (Map)

Conhydro SRL will perform the survey in order to explore the hydrogeological ambient of the property’s subsurface, that is, define the potency, thickness and resistivity values of layers, aquifers and related intersections. In optimal conditions and similar environments of the Salar de Pocitos, the Schlumberger Method allows depths of 350 meters and even deeper to be explored. The proposed program consists of Seven (7) VES stations every 800 meters for the North-South and eight (8) for the East-West extension respectively. Additional 3 stations are planned to comprehend the structural high that crosses the property (and the entire cone) in N-S direction.

Sandy MacDougall, Chairman and Director of the Company comments: "The geological and hydrological complexity and potential of Quiron II for lithium occurrence in brines is outstanding. There are two major aggregates of unanswered questions, which are important to clarify at this point. First, we have to understand the dynamic of the aquifer intersection zone that extends from the Salar under the alluvial cone throughout the northwestern part of the property. Second, the structural high covered by the alluvial cone that could divide the basin and potentially host an independent subsystem underneath."

The method of Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) has been widely used by other companies for the groundwater prospecting in the Pocitos Salar in order to discern fresh water from potentially lithium bearing brine interfaces. Liberty One Lithium Corp. at its Pocitos West Project and Pure Energy Minerals Ltd. through Conhydro SRL at Terra Cotta Project have successfully identified conductive to highly conductive zones. (Map 2)

To date, the surface brine sampling and drill results obtained by this and other companies returned relatively low lithium-related geochemical alterations and concentrations. Concerning the location of those results, it is necessary to point out the considerable distance to Alba’s Quiron II Property, the distinct hydrogeological setting that objectively conditions them and finally the fact that most parts of the extensive basin remain remarkably underexplored.

"If everything goes well, the results and data interpretation are expected to be announced in Q1 2018. This preliminary exploration program is going to lay the basis to find potential emplacements for the upcoming drill phase. Ultimately, we expect from these results to contribute to the understanding of the entire basin" said Sandy MacDougall.

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Alba Minerals Ltd. Is a Vancouver based junior resource company with projects in North and South America, focusing on the development of our Lithium properties. Lithium Projects are located in Clayton Valley Nevada where Alba has earned a 25% interest in the project. The second lithium project Quiron II consist of 2,421 hectares of prospective exploration property in the Pocitos Salar, Province of Salta, Argentina. The Project is located approximately 12 km northeast from the Liberty One Lithium Corp and 19 Km from Pure Energy Minerals Ltd.

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